Promoting the Merchants in Orcutt
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American Legion Orcutt post 534               

145 w Clark         

Dennis Maher     


Bent Axles Street Rods

PO Box 557, Santa Maria CA 93456

Larry Eskew


Boys & Girls Club of Santa Maria Valley

901 N Railroad Ave

Allison Bailey


Non-Profit youth Organization

Foxenwood Estates Homeowners Assoc.

PO Box 2712 -zip 93457

Bette Naugle


Homeowners Association for the Foxenwood Estates homes

Friends of Orcutt Library Board    

175 so Broadway              

Carol Gregor                             

The friends of Orcutt library is a non-profit with the goal to provide volunteer and financial

support to purchase books, media materials, technology, etc. to supplement

Orcutt library holdings.  Our goal is to promote literacy and a love of reading.  

We want community members to enjoy our wonderful library.

Kiwanis Club of Orcutt

PO Box 901

Santa Maria Ca 93456

Richard Giachetto

Phone: 925-7430

Joe Brengle


Los Padres Artist Guild

P.O. Box 2415  Santa Maria, CA 93457

Tina Porter

Phone: 934-3466

Orcutt Community Theater

PO Box 2311

Dixie Arthur


Orcutt Community Theater is a non-profit theater group whose purpose

is to educate the general public in various forms of theater

through instruction, workshops, and public performances.  

To enhance the community of Orcutt by presenting live theater

productions of the highest quality.  Finally, provide opportunities

foe volunteer participants of various ages, talents,

and experience to learn about and participate in live

theater productions and related activities.

Orcutt Area Seniors In Service

PO Box 2637

Doug Dougherty


OASIS is the premier Senior advocate agency in Northern

Santa Barbara County, that owns and operates the

award winning Luis OASIS Senior Center.  They provide

programs and services for adults actively preserve

and improve their quality of life.

Santa Maria Model A Ford Club

P.O. Box 2983

Jay McCord


Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce

614 S Broadway

Cara Martinez

925-2403 x852


The Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce brings leadership to the process

of creating a community where business thrives.  

Partnering with employers and community partners, we work to

create a culture of commerce.  Chamber programs are built

around the core principles of creating a strong local economy,

promoting the community, providing networking opportunities,

and representing the interests of business with government.  

Membership is open to all businesses in in the Santa Maria valley.

Threshold Ministries        

130 North Broadway #A

Liu Hai Yan          


Threshold Ministries sponsors needy children and families in northeast

China. We support an orphanage and children in the city of Linjiang

and outlying villages through sponsor donations and sales from Hope Gift Shop.

Organizations & Non-Profits